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A full stack security assessment and vulnerability management platform to automate cyber hygiene and reduce attack surface

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We don’t think it’s fair that businesses are targets of cybercriminals. That's why we’ve created the most complete security assessment platform - to help our customers tighten their 'full stack' security exposure before their business can be disrupted. 

Founded in 2001, over 2,000 customers in more than 40 countrie around the world trust Outpost24 to assess their devices, networks, applications, cloud and container environments and report compliance status for government, industry sector, or internal regulations. 

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Cybersecurity Full Stack Solution

•Full stack correlation or targeted layer
•Continuous monitoring or point assessment
•Customer operated or managed service
•Full API control for automation and consumption business model




Vulnerability management tools for network security assessment

In the race to eliminate network security flaws, be the first to find them. Identify, prioritize and automate remediations with full visibility and risk-based insights

Cyber defense starts with a clear understanding of your attack surface. Our network security scanning tools examine your infrastructure and external perimeters continuously to identify vulnerabilities, keeping you alerted of critical flaws and your overall risk exposure to a minimal.

Wireless Network Security Assessment

Detect and monitor every wireless and wired device in and around your organization to mitigate the risk of rogue devices 

Protect what you can't see

The proliferation of connected devices provides hackers with the perfect entry point to infiltrate your network. Rogue access points can be used to trick your employees into joining bogus Wi-Fi networks, and IoT devices can be used as botnets for DDoS attacks. The lack of wireless network transparency is leaving security and network teams in the dark and preventing organizations from meeting compliance.

With Outpost24 Pulse, you can track every wired, wireless and Bluetooth device with ease - automatically discover devices in the range to build a baseline, and continuously monitor these access points to spot malicious behaviors and alerted you to potential security issues.

Devices used by your workforce such as smartphones, tablets and PCs are getting more and more connected. With little security consideration from manufacturers and the users, hackers are finding new ways to launch malicious attacks by leveraging poor security hygiene and IoT botnets like Mirai. To protect your endpoints against rogue devices, organizations today need visibility on everything within their infrastructure and it's increasingly risky to trust everything coming and in and out of WiFi or Bluetooth connections. Therefore, security teams need the tools to proactively discover what's in their wireless airspace and enforce network access policies to ensure security standards are maintained and adopted across all areas of your business infrastructure and supply chain..


Cloud and Container Security Assessment

Cloud services and containers are prime targets for attackers. Secure your multi-cloud migration and harden DevOps containers with automated scanning

Defend against cloud security threats and misconfigurations

IaaS security

As organizations migrate to the cloud and realize cost saving, it’s important to ensure essential security controls and compliance standards are maintained. Cloudsec Inspect ensures you are fully protected and maintains your shared responsibility in the public clouds through auto discovery of cloud assets and continuous assessment against CIS benchmarks and workloads

container security

Application containers enable DevOps to package, deploy and manage applications in unprecedented ways but they can introduce new security challenges. Use our automated solution to continuously identify security vulnerabilities and harden your Docker and Kubernetes containers across the SDLC to prevent sensitive information from being exposed.

Cloud security assessment tools that you can trust

Organizations are increasing their reliance on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud to deliver cost effective infrastructure. Our cloud security solution not only help address your migration to the cloud in a secure way, it continuously monitor your multi- and hybrid environment for any IT misconfigurations and compliance issues.


Web Application Security Testing

Security is the #1 challenge for applications and agile DevOps. Automate detection of application vulnerabilities and orchestrate remediations in your CI/CD pipeline

Secure vulnerable web applications with continuous testing

web application security

Outsourced application development and COTS softwares are being adopted and customized faster than IT teams can secure them. Our blackbox application security testing solutions provide multi-layered discovery and assessment to mitigate application vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting, with full visibility.

web application security

Agile development requires robust security across the SDLC. Our DevSecOps solutions empower organizations with secure coding training, API testing, automated SAST and DAST tools, along with cloud configurations assessment and container inspection to keep software vulnerabilities in check and ensure faster code releases.